AT THE CROSSROAD: Mental Health, Pandemic and Online Education

In celebration of 86th National Book Week and launching of the Mapúa Persona Project, the Mapúa Library invites you to our online engagement session with the theme: AT THE CROSSROAD: Mental Health, Pandemic and Online Education. This session aims to promote the existing resources of Mapúa Library and provide a safe space for the diverse community of Mapúa University and promoting inclusivity by tackling issues that permeates the modern society through first-hand experience of Mapúans and invited guests. Experiences, knowledge, and insights on the current issue faced by students will be shared through a conversational dialogue.

Particularly, the session aims to:

  • Create a space where members of the Mapúa community can casually converse and share their experiences on modern societal issues
  • Establish a common ground and shared understanding of participants through sharing of first-hand experiences.
  • Educate the Mapúa community of the existing library online resources for digital productivity.

Our resource speaker will be Dr. Joan Mae Perez Rifareal, MD, DPBP, FPPA, Faculty member of Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health and a Psychiatrist and member of the Philippine Psychiatric Association, who will be tackling on the issue of Mental Health, Pandemic and Online Education.

Please join us on November 21, 2020 with the launching of our first ever Mapúa Persona. Pre-register now at