Epitome: An Industrial Design Virtual Exhibit


epit•o•me | /əˈpidəmē/ Epitome is defined as the perfect example of a quality or type; a typical or ideal example. 

The Portfolio class, together with Mr. Leo Oaper, chose this as our portfolio name because the works we presented here are an embodiment of our entire Industrial Design life in Mapua University. Epitome is an exhibition of some of our best works, meticulously checked and improved with the help of our dear mentors.

The logo is a combination of number 1 and letter D, formed to shape like a small letter E. The number 1 and letter D means that we are the first Industrial Design school in the Philippines, also the first digital exhibit in our course, and the small letter E means Epitome. The logo is tilted 76 degrees to represent 1976, the year Industrial Design in Mapua University was established.

At the top left corner of our poster, the 9 circles represent the students in this class. The circle at the bottom left corner represents our mentor. Beside it, is a grid to characterize our mentor as our foundation. At the top right corner are 77 circles, one of these circles is faded, to portray our final year as a student. Some of the circles are highlighted to depict the highlights of our entire Industrial Design life in Mapua University. 

We, the Portfolio class aim to be the perfect example of resiliency and resourcefulness during these tough times. We all still managed to push through in spite of the failures, mistakes, natural disasters, and even a pandemic. 


Link to the Virtual Exhibithttps://simmer.io/@IDExhibit/epitome-mapua-industrial-design-mobile-web-...

For Best Experience access this link: https://idexhibit.itch.io/epitome?fbclid=IwAR2dBDp8Htmf1Atb2dZZlQd6dcYvI... (needs downloading)


And please answer our survey after visiting our exhibit. Thank you.
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