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Adecer, R.F.B., “Innovation of a Cityscape Vertical Garden with a Human Interaction and Moisture Sensing Irrigation System”, 2018

Angsanto, S.R.C., “Multi-terrain Tent for Calamity Victims in Suburban Areas”, 2018

Castillo, A.A.V., “Innovation of Charging System in Third Place”, 2018

Dela Cruz, C.E., “Redesign of an Ergonomic Handle of Shovel for Construction”, 2018

Javier, E.J.S., “Insulated Container for Fresh Seafood”, 2018

Mansueto, G.K.M., “Innovative Design of a Drone Companion for Firefighters”, 2018

Peiga, I.E.N., “Innovation of a Fire Extinguisher Enhanced Safety and Usage”, 2018

Ta-a, B.C.B., “Design of a Vertical Curb Inlet Protection that Filters Small Pieces of Garbage for Private Subdivision”, 2018




Contaoi, K.C.A., “Innovation of Book Finder Device for Academic Library”, 2017.

Cubos, E.F.C., “Design of a Magnetic Levitation Cradle Swing: A Sleep Soother Device for Infants”, 2017.

De Guzman, M.B., “Design of a Platform for Single-Door Refrigerator”, 2017.

Dela Cruz, I.V.J., “Innovation of Non-Letal Projectile Weapon for Apprehending Maleforcast”, 2017

Dizon, A.M., “A Design of a Device That Responds to the Potential Fall of the Elderly”, 2017

Estoque, C.K.Q., “Design of an Automated Pedestrian Safety System for School Zones in the Philippines”, 2017.

Fabia, I.C.C., “A Container Design to Minimize Losses of Post-Harvest Vegetables during Transport”, 2017

Fuentes, T.C., “Design of an Equipment and Tools Carrier for Rescuer during Emergency Situation”, 2017.

Isaac, P.P.R., “Design of a Prefabricated Modular Bicycle Parking Station”, 2017.

Lee, K.J.S., “A Modulated Digital Smart Pen for Artist and Designers”, 2017

Mabagos, A.P.A., “Design of a Portable Non-Contact Heart Rate Monitoring Device for Premature Babies Inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”, 2017.

Molejon, V.B., “Design of a Preventive Blocking Device of Driveway for Residential Area”, 2017.

Ong, R.A.I., “A Design of an Air Purifier on a Waiting Shed”, 2017

Reglos, C.K.D., “Drone and Buoy System for Gathering Floating Solid Waste on Inland Waters”, 2017.

Renagado, B.D., “Design of a Coconut Harvesting System”, 2017

Reyes, K.A.A.C., “Design Improvement of Wheelchair for Disabled Office Workers”, 2017.

Tang, L.C., “An Innovation on Comfortability in Solving Modesty Issues of Patient Gowns”, 2017

Ty, A.K.N., “Design of a Native Sweet Glutinous Rice Maker (Kakanin Maker)”, 2017.

Young, W.D.O., “Design of an Emergency Disaster Device Locator Beacon”, 2017.




Abellanosa, J.M.I., “Design of a Multi-Purpose Modular Hot and Cold Delivery Container for Motorcycles”, 2016.

Amedo, A.J.T., “Innovation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Street LED Lights Application”, 2016.

Barcelona, L.M.S., “Design of a Toothbrush for Amputees”, 2016.

Briones, K.A.E.R., “Innovation of Unhusked Rice Dryer”, 2016.

Dimalanta, M.M., “Innovation of A Multi-Function Stroller Diaper Changing Station and High Chair for Toddlers”, 2016.

Eborde, Krysha, M.D.E., “An Innovation of Mountaineering Backpack for Day hike Use”, 2016.

Fuentes, T.C., “Design of an Equipment and Tools Carrier for Rescuer during Emergency Situation”, 2016.

Galeon, J.G.C., “Innovative Delivery Container for Transport of Seafood”, 2016.

Gaspar, M.C.R., “Design of an Automated Medicine Dispenser for Drugstores, Maria”, 2016.

Gumabao, R.P., “Design for an All-In-One Chicken House Cage for Commercial Farm Start-Up”, 2016.

Mangaliman, G.L., “Innovation of Compact Automatic Ball Feeder for Racquet Sports”, 2016.

Mondragon, A.R., “Innovating Construction Mask for Dirt Hazards in Construction Sites”, 2016.

Munda, J.G.S., “Innovation of Cavite Baby Bus for Commuters”, 2016.

Octubre, D.U., “Design of a Slim and Round Water Container Washer for Water Refilling Station”, 2016.

Quilaneta, J.M.P., “Design of an Enhanced User Interface of Tabletop Induction Cooker”, 2016.

Salvado, E.D.I., “Heavy Load Assistance for Grocery Shoppers”, 2016.

Samarita, P.L.D.E., “Design of a Fishing Boat for Municipal Waters”, 2016.

Santos Jr., M.H., “S.Design of a Carpet Installation Device”, 2016.

Torres, J.V.S., “Portable Induction Device Using Clean Energy”, 2016.

Yebra, S.T., “An Innovation of Self-Balancing Personal Portable Transportation Device”, 2016.




Alvarez, A.P.R., “The Design of a Multi-Functional Road Warning Device in Manila”, 2015.

Arada, M.J.A., “Design of a Mobile Tool Storage Unit with Electronic Log in System for High Rise Construction Buildings”, 2015.

Echavarre, G.D.D., “Design of a Work wear and Cart for street sweepers”, 2015.

Vargas, I.D.C., “An Innovation of Food Transport Container for Caterers”, 2015.

Viado, J.M.T., “Design of a Modified Emergency Raft for LGU’S in flooded areas”, 2015.




Alves, E.N.V., “Design of a Compact Water Filter for Students in Intramuros Manila”, 2014.

Aragon, R.M.L., “Design of an Adjustable Chair for Public Elementary School”, 2014.

Gharacheh, Vahid G., “Design of an Automated Janitor Kit for Indoor Purposes”, 2014.

King, M.P., “Design of a Small Multi-Role Unmanned Surface Vehicle System for Philippine Coast Guard,” 2014.

Masalonga, M.E.S., “Design of a Wall-Mounted Indoor Herb Garden System for Condominium Dwellers”, 2014.

Ramos, J.C.D., “Design of a Street Fire Alarm Communication with Hydrant Post”, 2014.

Rogero, M.C.M., “Design of an Emergency Luminaire with Directional Lighting Indicator for Earthquake and other Emergency Situations”, 2014.

Torres, A.D.B., “Design of an Automated Paymaster for Construction Workers”, 2014.